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Pavers - General

Pro Modular has vast experience supplying and installing an assortment of concrete, clay and stone pavers.  Each product has unique features.  We only use the best interlocking concrete pavers available on the market.  The strengths exceed 8000 psi and they come in different shapes, thicknesses, colors and finishes.  The clay and stone pavers we utilize are also available in a wide variety of shapes, colors and finishes. 

The majority of our projects involve setting the pavers in sand but we are also experienced in mortar-setting and grouting when desired.

Pro Modular sets itself apart by providing the best quality and service at a competitive price.

Please contact us with design or pricing questions.

Paver Options

Concrete Pavers
Clay/brick Pavers
Stone Pavers
Engraved Pavers
Fundraising Pavers
Permeable Pavers
Pedestal Roof Pavers

Design options Driveways
Pool Decks
Parking Lots
Roof Decks


The paver is the finish/top course of a semi-flexible paving system consisting of:

Paver - Usually installed by hand on the setting bed in various patterns
Joint material  - Usually sharp sand in warm weather climates such as Texas
- Could be grout if a rigid system is desired and the setting bed is mortar
- Polymeric sand may be used to reduce sand loss and inhibit weed growth
Setting bed  - A thin – usually 1” – layer of sharp sand or mortar
- This provides a cushion on which the paver is set
- Compaction of the paver into the setting bed results in a smooth surface
Base - The layer of material designed to support most of the load on the system
- Usually crushed stone, recycled concrete, cement-stabilized sand or concrete
- Permeable systems use open-graded aggregates or porous concrete
Sub-grade - The natural soil or stone under the paving section
- Made of sand, clay, rock or a combination thereof
- Bad soil may need to be replaced to reduce expansion and contraction


Durability The paver itself is 2-3 times stronger than typical concrete or asphalt
Safety The friction value / slip resistance is higher than concrete, patterned or colored concrete
Appeal The great range of colors, shapes and sizes offer many design options
Maintenance Removing and replacing individual units or sections is very easy
Long-term Value Long life cycle offers more value than any other paving system 
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