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On residential projects Pro Modular works with homebuilders, home owners, architects and engineers to create the most effective and attractive solution.  While providing the designed function required, our retaining walls also deliver an aesthetic quality that’s hard to match.  Combined with our other outdoor living products and solutions Pro Modular residential Retaining Walls can be appreciated and enjoyed for years to come.

A segmental retaining wall for a residential project may be as simple as stacking Garden Wall blocks to frame a planter bed or as complicated as terraced walls with steep slopes and water issues. Most technical problems are easily solved with proper planning and preparation.

Whether you are a weekend Do-it-Yourselfer or looking for professional installation, Pro Modular has the experience and knowledge to bring your ideas to life.  We look forward to hearing from you, soon.


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For a small Gravity Wall or Garden Wall project, the components and construction should be easy.  A leveling pad made of aggregate or cement stabilized sand should be installed at the proper elevation and then the blocks stacked on the leveling pad.  Filter fabric might be installed behind the block to keep the backfill/soil from coming through the cracks.

For a taller Gravity Wall – up to maybe 3’ – the same procedure could apply but consideration must be given to the larger “failure wedge”.  This affects which block to use and whether or not to add drainage aggregate and drain pipe to allow the water behind the wall to drain away and relieve the pressure.


For taller walls or ones with slopes, loads, water issues, etc., one must decide whether to try it alone or consult call Pro Modular qualified wall contractors. Three feet doesn’t sound like much but can be just enough of a problem to be very costly if it has to be taken down and re-installed properly. If this occurs after landscaping, lighting, or other landscape improvements are completed, the cost could be very painful.

A short wall with slopes, loads, or water issues present more risks. Pro Modular welcomes you to consult our experienced team of professionals and engineers before you begin any project. We probably offer valuable engineering ideas to make your wall safer and less expensive. At Pro Modular, our mission is to do every job right the first time.


Durability Proper installation assures durability and longevity. Call Pro Modular for more information.
Safety Load bearing or not, every wall is built with your families safety in mind.
Appeal The great range of colors, shapes and sizes offer many design options
Maintenance Segmented retaining walls that are properly installed should not require maintenance other than the occasional power washing.
Long-term Value Long life cycle offers more value than any other segmented retaining wall system 
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